Delphi "Cornetti Alla Crema Episode III"


Tony Cicco - O’ Guaglione - Promo (Not on A Label)
Mike Francis - Survivor - Concorde
Dhuo - Rome By Night (Remixed Extended Version) - CGD
Angela Bofill - Can’t Slow Down (Extended Remix Version) - Arista
Lisa O - Delicious (Sweet Delicious Instrumental Remix) - Blue Heron Records
Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music (Special 12” Disco Version) - Prelude Records
Carol Douglas - You’re Not So Hot (Vocal) - CAT Records
Paul Simpson Connection - Dub Me - Streetwise
Gail Berry - My Miracle Is Love (Bonus Bass) - X-Energy Records
Gail Berry - My Miracle Is Love (Bonus Beats) - X-Energy Records
The Dark Side - Gimme The Music (Tribute Mix) - Lower Level Records
Kraze - The Party (Tunnel Mix) - Many Records
Marvin D - Make That Move (Club Version) - Optimism Records
Meccano - Down Down Romeo - Keepon Musik

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